Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#WCW: Amanda Seyfried

              This week's #WCW post is on Amanda Seyfried. I picked her because I love her and also, it is the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls. Amanda Seyfriend's character on Mean Girls was so lovable, just like Amanda ! She is also the one with the iconic line of "we wear pink on Wednesdays!"

Do you like Amanda Seyfried? Did you like Mean Girls? Who was your favorite character in Mean Girls? What's your favorite quote from Mean Girls?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shampoo Secret

       Today, I wanted to write a post about a shampoo trick I recently found and tried out. The trick I found was to shampoo your hair after the conditioner instead of the traditional way of shampooing the hair first followed by the conditioner. I first heard this tip from Tati from GlamLifeGuru on YouTube (check out her video here). I have been following this tip for the past 2 weeks, and I just wanted to let you guys know that so far, I think this is working. I wash my hair every other day, and on the second day, my hair does end up a little bit oily. However, after using this trick, I found that my hair doesn't get as oily as before and I could even get away with third day hair with this trick! And, I think it is making my hair more softer than before. However, I am not so sure if this is making my hair more bouncy or not, I just think that it is pretty much the same as before. So overall, I like this trick and would recommend other people to use it as well! 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hoping For A Miracle

         On the 16th of April 2014, a South Korean ferry capsized. As a Korean living outside of Korea, I cannot understand fully of the impact of this event on Korea. However, I do know that this event is one of the biggest tragedy in Korea and that I could not believe that this happened. The number of the missing and the death and the fact that the most of the were high school students makes this event more tragic. I am so frustrated that I can't do anything to help and at the way that the way Korean government and the media is handling the issue. I feel like I have to be careful talking about this issue, since I am not sure what information I can trust. However, I can say for a fact that this is one of the most depressing news for me and that I decided to join the yellow ribbon campaign. 


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#WCW: Han Ye Seul

          This week my #wcw is Han Ye Seul. She is not only pretty but amazing actress. She has starred in one of my favorite Korean dramas of all time, called Couple or Trouble (I think that is the English name). 

What do you think of her? Who's your #wcw this week?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Birchbox April 2014

Today, I'll be sharing what I received in my April Birchbox. Birchbox is a $10 a month beauty subscription box. It focuses more on skincare rather than makeup products. You can sign up here:

Each Birchbox has a theme and this month's theme is Rainy Days. I think the theme is perfect for April, I mean April shower bring May flower, after all right? Each box also came with one of their 52 tips for rainy day. I got tip #4 which says, "organize your book collection. By color, topic, author-it's up to you." 

Here's a picture of my April box:

List of products I got:

  • Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eye Pencil - I have the Cynthia Rowley liquid eyeliner and I like it, so I am pretty excited to try the pencil as well. 
  • Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk - I am on the hunt for a good dry shampoo, so I am willing to try this. 
  • Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant - I have never heard of the brand Paula's Choice, but I can always use a good exfoliating product! 
  • Supergoop! Daily Correct CC Cream - This CC cream has SPF 35 in it and I have it in shade light to medium. It sounds similar to the Studio Gear CC Cream, I recently reviewed (Check out my review of the prodcut here). I gotta admit, the brand name doesn't sound very appealing though. 
  • Kind Healthy Grains Bar - I got this in Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt. I am not a fan of Kind bars. However, I was surprised at the size of the bar that they sent, since I thought they would send a small one of the bar.
My thought on this month's Birchbox?
I am pretty happy with this month's box. I I am pretty excited to try most of the product that I got.

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? What did you think of this month's box? Make sure to leave your thoughts in comments!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review: Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream

       I have been using the Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream and wanted to let you guys know my thoughts on it. First thing first, the CC in CC creams usually stand for color correcting or color changing. CC creams are usually more lightweight than foundation and comes with many skin benefits. 

Here is a look at Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream:
It comes in three shades: Linen, Natural, and Wheat. I used one in the shade Natural. It is sold at Studio Gear's website and at Ulta as well. It is sold for $34. 

Here are the key claims of this product: 
  • SPF 20 
  • Prevents fine line and wrinkles 
  • Hydrates skin for 72 hours 
  • Non-oily 
This product changes color to match the user's skin tone. I think this is seriously so cool! This lasts about 6 hours and feels very lightweight throughout the day. It does not make me greasy throughout the day either. Overall, I like this product.

The downside of this product is that it has very little coverage. Also, it smells a bit weird, so if you are sensitive to smell, I won't recommend using this product. Also, I know that many people are sensitive to dimethicone and it is one of the main ingredient in this product. 

If you would like to try this product, you can use code bloggercc to recieve 10% discount! 

Have you ever tried this CC cream? What's your thoughts on it? Are you interested in trying this product? 

This product was sent to me via Brandbacker for a review. This is my honest opinion. 

#WCW: Jennette McCurdy

    This week's #wcw post is on Jennette McCurdy. I loved her from iCarly and love her on Sam & Cat. I hope that Sam & Cat is renewed, so I can see more of her and Ariana. 
What do you think of Jennette McCurdy? Who's your #wcw this week? 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Julep Maven April 2014

         This month, a special item in the Julep Maven box was a blush. I had to get this month's box, because I have been obessing over blush a lot recently. I chose the bombshell box this month.
A picture of my box: 
The bombshell box came with:
  • Kayla – Bombshell: This is the purpleish nail polish. I think I am going to give this to my friend since I have so many purple polishes.
  • Tatum – Bombshell: This is the greenish nail polish. I haven't worn this yet, but I think it looks gorgeous in the bottle.
  • Glow Blush in Petal Pink: The color of the blush was customizable. I picked Petal Pink and I am absolutely in love with this blush! It claims that it diffuses pores and imperfections, however, I am not sure about this claim. But the blush is very pigmented and sooooo pretty !
  • 2 hard candy: This box included 2 hard candy and I thought it was such a cute idea.
Are You a Maven? What did you think of the box this month? 

Julep Maven box is a monthly nail polish and beauty subscription box. It is $20 per month.Every month they send you an email describing what the different option for the boxes are (there's five unique boxes), so you can choose which one you want! And there's an option to skip a month if you don't like any of the boxes you see. The first box is free with the code FREEBOX!  So why not give it a try? Click here to try Julep Maven!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Influenster: #univoxbox

A while ago, I qualified for #UniVoxBox and I received it about a week or so ago. Today I'll be sharing what I received in my #UniVoxBox.
Here's a list of products I received:

  • Broadway Nails imPress Press-On Manicure ($5.99 for colors/ $7.99 for patterns): I received this with a pattern. It has a white base and a design of two flowers on it. It actually reminds me more of fall rather than spring. I usually don't use press on nails and don't really like them. Therefore, I'll probably give this to one of my friends who want it. 
  • NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Forever Fuchsia ($1.99): At first, the color of this lipstick intimidated me because it looks so bright! However, when I swatched it on my lips and sheered it out a bit, I absolutely love it ! 
  • Pilot Acroball PureWhite ($4.59 per 3 pack/ $6.24 per 4 pack/ $7.49 per 5 pack): I think this pen looks super cute, but I haven't used it yet so I can't say anything about if I like how it writes. 
  • Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation ($4.99 - $5.49): I received this foundation in shade 091 Light Ivory. The color is a little light on me but I can try to make it work. I was actually debating whether or not to buy this foundation, so I am glad that this foundation was included in this box. 
  • Playtex Sport Fresh Balance ($3.99 - $4.99): Every girl can use extra tampon, right? 
  • Red Rose Real Tea Premium Water Enhancer ($4.49): I got this in Black Tea flavor. I am not really a tea drinker, I perfer coffee much more. I tried this but I didn't like it. But this wasn't really surprising to me, I didn't expect to like it, since I usually don't like tea. I just gave this to one of my friend who loves tea, but I am not sure if she likes it or not. I forgot to ask her.

My final thoughts on this VoxBox is I like it. I am excited to use most of the prodcuts and I feel like I can't really complain since it was free anyway. However, I am wondering why they decided to call it #UniVox, I feel like any female can use these item, wheter or not they are in college. Also, what about guys that goes to college? What are they going to do with tampons and make up?

I received these product from Influenster to try the items and to provide them feedback. Anyone can sign up for Influenster and maybe qualify for one of their VoxBox. Sign up here:
These are all my honest opinions.

Did you qualify for the #UniVoxBox? What's your thoughts on it?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

#WCW: Jung Sisters

             This week's #WCW post is about the Jung sisters. They are both well known and part of SM Entertainment in Korea. Sm Entertainment is one of the biggest company for singers, especially for idols. Jessica is part of Girl's Generation, while Krystal is part of f(x). I think that they are both super pretty and I honestly had a very difficult time trying to decide which of the two I like better. However, I think I like Jessica a little bit better. I like them because they have such an awesome family chemistry with each other. Whenever they are spotted together, they look so happy, especially Jessica. I really admire this duo and hope that they work in some kind of project together.  

Who's your woman crush this week? Have you ever heard of either of them? Who do you like better? 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review: Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

        Today I will be doing a review on Dove Advanced Care deodorant. I have been using a deodorant from Dove for a couple of weeks now. I have been using Degree deodorant for couple of years and was excited to try something new. I really love how this smells. I can't really describe it but I love it. This deodorant claims that is is 48 hour protection. However, I can't verify that fact, simply because I never put it to the test. However, I do know that I can still smell the scent of the deodorant at the end of the day. This doesn't bother my armpit, but my armpit is not sensitive anyway. The only downside to this product is that I feel like it leaves a white residue on my armpit. This is not cute! But overall, I liked this product and would probably Dove again next. 

I received this from Dove VoxBox from Influenster to try the product and review it. Anyone can sign up for Influenster, and if you qualify for their VoxBox they send you a box with one or more products for you to try and review it. I recommend you check it out as it is free and why not give it a shot?

Have you used a deodorant from Dove before? What is your thoughts on it?