Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 21

Hi, Guys !
I been busy these days and I am just going to skip couple of days in the October Blogging Challenge. I hope that's ok.

Let's get into today's challenge post!

Day 21 - Transformation Tuesday

This topic is actually perfect for me today because I actually cut my bang today! This was a sort of a spontaneous decision and I am not sure how I feel about it yet.

Anyway, here's a look at my transformation:

What do you guys think about it? Yay or Nay?

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Daily Bits: 

  • I finally turned 20! (My birthday was October 17) I ate so much food and had a delicious sweet potato cake ! 
  • I am absolutely in love with platform shoes! It gives you height without hurting! 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: Valentia's Even Glow Serum

Hi, Guys !
Even though I have been doing the October Blogging Challenge this month, I haven't really done a review, or any other beauty related thing on my blog. I really want to try to post more here as well as on my Youtube channel (airenbeauty).

Anyway, I'll be reviewing Valentia's Even Glow Serum.
I found out about this serum from Brandbacker (a site that lets a blogger connect with various brands).

This serum comes with a dropper and the liquid looks a little yellow/orange ish.
I was really surprised to find that this serum smells really good. It smells like vitamin C which I guess makes sense, considering that it contains 20% of vitamin C.  but I expected it to smell like something else. I have been using this almost everyday at night for almost a month.

Let's talk about the company's claim:

  • Evens Skin Tone - I do think that this product evened out my ski tone 
  • Increase Glow & Radiance - YES ! This is one of the main benefit I got from this product because my skin is a little dull. 
  • Absorbs Rapidly - It does absorb really quickly. 
  • Boosts Collagen Production - I can't really say anything about this 
  • Reduces Wrinkles and Fine Lines - I didn't really have much wrinkles or fine lines to begin with (I'll be 20 in two days). However, I feel like my blackheads are fading. Is that weird? 
For more information:

Overall, after using this product for about a month, I can truly say that this product does work. It does everything that it claims to do and as an added bonus it smells like orange ! 

I think right now, this product can only be bought through Amazon for $35. (Check it out here). I think $35 for this product isn't a bad price, especially for older women. I personally think I would have benefited more if I was older and was more of the age to think about the aging skin and wrinkles (although you are never too young). 

So this is my thoughts on this product. What are your thoughts on this product? Do you have any other serum you would recommend? 

October Blogging Challenge: Day 15

Hi, Guys !
I just finished writing an essay for my Asian Religion class and I feel like my brain is turned into a mush. The good thing about the essay is that now the class is going to move on from Hinduism to Buddhism. Buddhism is one of the most interesting religion in my opinion, so I am looking forward to that.

Moving on to the challenge:

Day 15 - Link Love: Favorite articles, blog, etc, 

I have just decided that I will be sharing 3 of the blogs and Youtube channels that I have been enjoying these days. Of course, there are many more I enjoy, especially different Youtube channels, but I thought I would just share my top 3 as of now.


  • girl meets life - this is the blog of the person that made the October Blogging Challenge and I have been loving her blog. I have explored her past posts and I just love how down to earth she seems. 
  • Beauty Broadcast - this is the blog of Emily Noel (a.k.a. emilynoel83 on Youtube). I love her Youtube channel as well as her blog. 
  • Nouveau Cheap - this blog focuses solely on drugstore products and only mentions high end products if they are on sale. This blog is great for sale information! 
  • DavidSoComedy - He is my obsession right now. I just love his videos ! You must go watch him! 
  • Casey Holmes (a.k.a. itsblondie) - She is one of my favorite beauty guru on Youtube right now. She is so pretty and doll like. Her videos are amazing and I would looooooooooove to meet her some day! 
  • Serein Wu (a.k.a dressyourselfhappy) - There just is something about her channel that makes me want more! She is very consistent with her videos and you can always count on her to give honest opinions. She also always seems to have perfect eye looks ! 
These are the blogs and the Youtube channels I have been enjoying the most these days. What have you been enjoying these days? Please share them with me in the comments! I would love to check out other people's blog/ youtube or even just any other sites! 

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 14

Hi, Guys !
I had such a fun day today hanging out with my friend over at Chelsea Market and eating some squid ink pasta! How did/is your Tuesday going?

Day 14 - What's On Your Playlist? 

One thing you must know about me is that I don't make playlist of music. I just download all the music and just play them in the shuffle mode. Plus, I have only started using Spotify recently. The only complaint I have of Spotify is that I can't have my Korean music there. Anyway I'll share my Spotify, though, it isn't that interesting or anything:

If you have any music recommendation you should leave me a comment below!

Daily Bits:

  • It took me 2 hour to get home today !  UGH !!! :( 
  • Did anyone watch Gone Girl? I am thinking of watching that on Friday 
  • NYC expereienced such a nice weather today. Not too hot, not too cold! It felt like a wonderful gift after the rainy and misty days. 
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Monday, October 13, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 13

Happy Monday !
I can truly say that I am happy for this Monday thanks to Columbus Day. I don't know what your thought are about Columbus Day, but I am just glad that I have a day off.
I have Karokee date with my best friend today and another lunch date with my other best friend tomorrow. I am just excited for this week as my birthday is on Friday !

Anyway, moving on to today's challenge post

Day 13 - Favorite Childhood Memories 

I don't know why but I don't really remember anything from the past. I know that people are able to remember things from when they were like 4, 5 or even younger, but I don't remember anything from my childhood.

The one thing that I remember quite distinctly is from 4th grade. It's of me going over to my friend's house and playing with her hamster. I remember wanting a hamster badly after, seeing hers. I mean, they are so tiny and adorable. But, my mom would't let me have one and I never had a pet yet.

So that's my story. It's quite short and boring, but what can you do? Do you have any special childhood stories to share with me? Please leave me a comment !

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 12

Hi, Guys!
I am going to get into today's post right away.

Day 12 - Weekend Highlights 

My morning wasn't that exciting. It was just work. But as expected, my weekend highlights happened after work. I don't have any pictures but I went out to eat Korean styled fried chicken (who doesn't love chicken?) with my coworker. It was sooooo yummy! Plus, she give me a cake for my birthday which is this coming Friday. That was my weekend highlight.

What was your weekend highlights?  Please leave me a comment!

Daily Bits:

  • I been yawning all day long. 
  • Aaaaaaah, I can't believe my birthday is less than a week away. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 11

Hi, Guys !
It rained in the morning today and it feels very chilly now in NYC. How's the weather where you live?

Anyway, I will move on with my blogging challenge.

Day 11 - What/ who inspires you most

It is easy to find inspiration for anything from anything. I have to say I draw most inspiration from my mom. I lover her dearly and she is my role model. I also have to say Audrey Hepburn is my idol out of famous people.

How about you? Who's your role model?

Friday, October 10, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 9 & 10

Hi, guys !
I am going to be skipping the day 8 of the October Blogging challenge, which was 'day in your life,' because I haven't really done anything that day. Also, because I think trying to make up 3 posts sounds a bit overwhelming and I want this challenge to be something I enjoy. So please excuse the fact that I am skipping the day 8.

Let's get into the blogging challenge then:

Day 9 - Throwback Thursday 

I decided that I will share this picture for Throwback Thursday. This is one of my favorite baby picture. I don't really remember anything about this picure but I think it is so cute !

Do you have any picture you would like to share?

Day 10 - 10 Things that people don't know about you 

  • I was born in Korea. I moved to US in 4th grade. 
  • I love Ellen Hopkins books, especially Burned. 
  • The first beauty person I watched on YouTube is Lindsey Hughes (a.k.a. BeautyBaby44). 
  • I have weird thumbs. 
  • I have developed an obsession with infinity signs.
  • I can't dance to save my life. 
  • I hate Pumpkin Spice Latte, I am all about the Vanilla Latte. 
  • I don't enjoy Chipotle. 
  • I am obessed with french fries, especially Burger King's. 
  • I only got into makeup around senior year in highschool. I am now a sophomore in college.
Well, that seems a little boring. I hope you learned a little about me through this post and that you enjoyed reading it. 

I hope you will share something about you. Please leave me a comment ! 

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 7

Hi Guys !
Tuesdays are basically my weekend and I usually just spent it bumming out at home and today was no different. I didn't do much and enjoy relaxing at home!
How is your Tuesday going ?

Day 7 - 7 Lessons Learned This Year So Far 

So I guess here are some of the lessons I learned so far...

  • Having a close friends who you can rely on at all time is a huge blessing 
  • It is ok to let go of the past 
  • I suck at teaching anything 
  • Language is really not my thing
  • Confidence is important 
  • Inspiration words can really change your mood 
  • Have fun ! 

I gotta admit, this post was very challening for me. I am  not really the one to think about the different lessons or inspirational quotes or stuff like that. Also, I have been in a rut lately. I been feeling like I been stuck and that my life has been very repetitive. I have been slowly getting out of that mood, but not completely. This post has helped me look back at things and come up with couple of things I realized or learned.

Well, what do you guys think? What have you learned so far this year? Please leave me a comment !

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Monday, October 6, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 5 & 6

Hi, Guys !
I missed posting yesterday's challenge post, so I will be posting that today as well as today's challenge post too.

Day 5 - Top 5 Favorite Movies

I am not really an avid movie watcher. I don't go to theater that often and only am able to sit through a movie when the mood strikes me. I also do not have a running list of my  favorite movies off of my head. However, these movies are the ones that I did and still can rewatch.

  • Sound of Music - It's the first movie I seen in English and I just love the songs and the cast ! 
  • Mean Girls - What girl doesn't like this movie? 
  • Princess Diaries - I just love Anne Hathaway in this movie and it is so easy to watch! 
  • Easy A - Scarlet Letter is one of my favorite book and I love this modern adaption of it as well. Plus Emma Stone is stunning in this movie ! 
  • Harry Potter Series - I love the Harry Potter books and the movies as well, especially Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (both the movie and the book) ! 
These are my top 5 favorite movies. They are not really in any particular order. What do you think about them? What are your thoughts on them? Please leave me your comments ! 

Day 6 - Six pet peeves you have 

Pet peeves? hmmmmm... 
Here you go: 
  • Dishes in the sink - OMG I don't like cooking or cleaning or anything like that but I hate seeing dishes in the sink. When the dishes start piling up in the sink, it even makes me not want to eat ! So I usually try to keep the sink clear or only with few items, such as one or two cups or plates. 
  • When you can hear other people's music through their earphones 
  • Catcalling - It's offensive and it's sexual harassment and I don't want to deal with it! 
  • Writings in all capital letters - Is it just me that finds it more difficult to read when everything is in all capital letters? 
  • When someone calls me "Honey", "Sweetie" or any sort of endearment words - I just find these weird and it doesn't matter who (elderly, men, etc,) is calling me by these words, I just don't like it!
  • Missing your packages and getting left the notice slip - So annoying to think about going to pick up the package your self ! 
So here are the 6 pet peeves that popped into my head. They are not in any particular order and I am probably sure more and more will pop into my head now. Anyway, what are your pet peeves? Please let me know by commenting ! 

Check out the past challenges and look forward to more: 

This challenge was created by Gracie from Girl Meets Life.

Daily Bits: 
  • It's been cold here in NYC. How has the weather been where you live? 
  • My knees been aching these days :( 
  • My phone is having charging problem and it is annoying the heck out of me! 
  • I am looking forward to Columbus day ! Birthday celebration on that day ! 

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 4

Hi, Guys !
I am feeling extremely tired right now.
I still wanted to post today's challenge today despite how tired I am right now.

Today's post is about the story behind my blog name.

Day 4 - Story Behind Your Blog Name

I think the first thing I need to mention is that my blog name is 'airenbeauty.' Just in case, you guys didin't know what my blog is called.

So one thing you guys need to know is I am a huge fan of Seung Gi Lee (이승기). He is a korean signer/ actor and is quite popular. I have been a fan of him since his debut, which was in 2004, so I have been a long time fan of his. The reason why I am telling you about this is because of the "airen" part of the blog name. It is a name given to Seung Gi's fans and I just stuck with it for my ID and email address and stuff like that. Thus, I just decided that that will also be a part of my blog name. The "beauty" part is simple. I knew I wanted my blog to be beauty related. So that is the story behind my blog name. Nothing too fancy or anyting.

My favorite picture of Seung Gi Lee:
My favorite songs by Seung Gi Lee:

  • Shape of Your Lips (입모양) 
  • Smile Boy 
  • Will You Marry Me (결혼해줄래)
  • Love Time (연애시대)
  • Dream of a Moth (나방의 꿈)
Hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit about me and the blog! Please leave me a comment on your thoughts about the story behind my blog. Also please share your story behind your blog if you have one. 

Look forward to other challenges:

 This challenge was created by Gracie from Girl Meets Life.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 3

Hi, Guys !
I am just going to get right into today's challenge today.

Day 3 - OOTD (Outfit of the day) 

Here's my outfit for the day:

I don't really have a good place to take a picture of my outfit. This picture was just taken in the lobby of my apartment. I also do not have any idea on how to take a good picture of my outfit.

I am just wearing a long sweater paired with leggings and ankle booties. The sweater and the leggings are from H&M and the boots are from Macy's. The bag I am carrying is my go to bag for everything and I bought it from Emillie M.

That's it for my outfit today! I know that it wasn't fancy or anything but it was comfy and I liked it.

Take a peek at what other challenges are coming this month! This challenge  was created by Gracie from Girl Meets Life.

Share your thoughts on my outfit in the comment !

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 2

Hi, Guys!
I don't have school tomorrow and I am very happy about getting tomorrow off !
I have couple of errands I need to run tomorrow but so much better than going to school!

Let's get into the 2nd day of October Blogging Challenge!

Day 2 - Thankful Thursday 

I'll try to not make this post cheesy, no promises though !

Things I am thankful for today:

  • the fact that I live in NYC where I have access to many museums for free (free without student ID). I visited MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) today and wished I had more time to explore it.  

  • for my amazing friends! I had such a good day today going to the museum and having lunch dates ! 
  • for chocolate! I have been obessed with chocolate these days! I have never been a big fan of chocolate, so this is coming off as a bit weird. Not to mention, all the fats I am going to gain. 
I think I am going to end this post here. I did not include obvious things like family, having place to live, etc. I wanted to keep this post short and sweet and I also did not want to make it cheesy. 

Just wanted to remind you guys that this challenge was created by Gracie from Girl Meets Life.

So what are you thankful for today? Please leave a comment ! 

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Hi, Guys ! 
Today is the first day of October! 
I am soooooo excited for this month! 
October has my birthday, Fall, and Halloween. 
I love all three of them and can't wait. 
I especially am looking forward to my birthday this year, as I will be turning 20! 
Enough rambling! 

I mentioned yesterday in my September Favorites & Announcements post that I will be participating in October Blogging Challenge.  I will be doing the one created by Gracie from Girl Meets LifeIt basically is a challenge that challenges you to blog everyday for the month. 

So let's get started with the challenge: 

Day 1 - Your Goals for October 

My goals for October: 
  • Stick to this challenge - I don't want to give up in the middle of it! This is my first blogging challenge and I would like to actually go through with it. 
  • Eat & Live Healthy - My choice of food have been terrible lately. Too much sodas, sweets, fast food, etc. Also, I don't even know when I have been motivated to exercise even for a little bit. I am planning to be more active and conscious of what I eat. 
  • Post more consistenly on Youtube and this blog - I have been lacking content both in my Youtube channel and this blog. I would like to be more consistent in creating contents and hopefully make and meet some new friends on the way. 
  • Stop Procrasitinating - I need to stop putting off things that needs to be done, whether it's for school, blog, youtube, etc. 
  • Read - I haven't read for the sake of pleasure (not for school) in really long time. I have many books I want to read and I simply need to pick up some books and start them! 
These are my goals for this month! 
So what are your goals for this month? 

I'll be leaving the October Blogging Challenge at the end of every post, so you and I can be reminded of what we went through and what challenges are to come ! I hope you guys enjoy my posts ! :) 

Daily Bits
  • I went to my school for my one and only class only to find out that it was cancelled! Such a waste of time ! 
  • I feel like today went by really quickly !  Did anyone feel that way? 
  • My order from Hautelook finally came today! I am thinking of doing a haul, even though it isn't that many products.