Friday, October 10, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 9 & 10

Hi, guys !
I am going to be skipping the day 8 of the October Blogging challenge, which was 'day in your life,' because I haven't really done anything that day. Also, because I think trying to make up 3 posts sounds a bit overwhelming and I want this challenge to be something I enjoy. So please excuse the fact that I am skipping the day 8.

Let's get into the blogging challenge then:

Day 9 - Throwback Thursday 

I decided that I will share this picture for Throwback Thursday. This is one of my favorite baby picture. I don't really remember anything about this picure but I think it is so cute !

Do you have any picture you would like to share?

Day 10 - 10 Things that people don't know about you 

  • I was born in Korea. I moved to US in 4th grade. 
  • I love Ellen Hopkins books, especially Burned. 
  • The first beauty person I watched on YouTube is Lindsey Hughes (a.k.a. BeautyBaby44). 
  • I have weird thumbs. 
  • I have developed an obsession with infinity signs.
  • I can't dance to save my life. 
  • I hate Pumpkin Spice Latte, I am all about the Vanilla Latte. 
  • I don't enjoy Chipotle. 
  • I am obessed with french fries, especially Burger King's. 
  • I only got into makeup around senior year in highschool. I am now a sophomore in college.
Well, that seems a little boring. I hope you learned a little about me through this post and that you enjoyed reading it. 

I hope you will share something about you. Please leave me a comment ! 

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