Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Hi, Guys ! 
Today is the first day of October! 
I am soooooo excited for this month! 
October has my birthday, Fall, and Halloween. 
I love all three of them and can't wait. 
I especially am looking forward to my birthday this year, as I will be turning 20! 
Enough rambling! 

I mentioned yesterday in my September Favorites & Announcements post that I will be participating in October Blogging Challenge.  I will be doing the one created by Gracie from Girl Meets LifeIt basically is a challenge that challenges you to blog everyday for the month. 

So let's get started with the challenge: 

Day 1 - Your Goals for October 

My goals for October: 
  • Stick to this challenge - I don't want to give up in the middle of it! This is my first blogging challenge and I would like to actually go through with it. 
  • Eat & Live Healthy - My choice of food have been terrible lately. Too much sodas, sweets, fast food, etc. Also, I don't even know when I have been motivated to exercise even for a little bit. I am planning to be more active and conscious of what I eat. 
  • Post more consistenly on Youtube and this blog - I have been lacking content both in my Youtube channel and this blog. I would like to be more consistent in creating contents and hopefully make and meet some new friends on the way. 
  • Stop Procrasitinating - I need to stop putting off things that needs to be done, whether it's for school, blog, youtube, etc. 
  • Read - I haven't read for the sake of pleasure (not for school) in really long time. I have many books I want to read and I simply need to pick up some books and start them! 
These are my goals for this month! 
So what are your goals for this month? 

I'll be leaving the October Blogging Challenge at the end of every post, so you and I can be reminded of what we went through and what challenges are to come ! I hope you guys enjoy my posts ! :) 

Daily Bits
  • I went to my school for my one and only class only to find out that it was cancelled! Such a waste of time ! 
  • I feel like today went by really quickly !  Did anyone feel that way? 
  • My order from Hautelook finally came today! I am thinking of doing a haul, even though it isn't that many products. 

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  1. yay, so glad you're doing the challenge! enjoy :)

    - Gracie @