Monday, October 6, 2014

October Blogging Challenge: Day 5 & 6

Hi, Guys !
I missed posting yesterday's challenge post, so I will be posting that today as well as today's challenge post too.

Day 5 - Top 5 Favorite Movies

I am not really an avid movie watcher. I don't go to theater that often and only am able to sit through a movie when the mood strikes me. I also do not have a running list of my  favorite movies off of my head. However, these movies are the ones that I did and still can rewatch.

  • Sound of Music - It's the first movie I seen in English and I just love the songs and the cast ! 
  • Mean Girls - What girl doesn't like this movie? 
  • Princess Diaries - I just love Anne Hathaway in this movie and it is so easy to watch! 
  • Easy A - Scarlet Letter is one of my favorite book and I love this modern adaption of it as well. Plus Emma Stone is stunning in this movie ! 
  • Harry Potter Series - I love the Harry Potter books and the movies as well, especially Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (both the movie and the book) ! 
These are my top 5 favorite movies. They are not really in any particular order. What do you think about them? What are your thoughts on them? Please leave me your comments ! 

Day 6 - Six pet peeves you have 

Pet peeves? hmmmmm... 
Here you go: 
  • Dishes in the sink - OMG I don't like cooking or cleaning or anything like that but I hate seeing dishes in the sink. When the dishes start piling up in the sink, it even makes me not want to eat ! So I usually try to keep the sink clear or only with few items, such as one or two cups or plates. 
  • When you can hear other people's music through their earphones 
  • Catcalling - It's offensive and it's sexual harassment and I don't want to deal with it! 
  • Writings in all capital letters - Is it just me that finds it more difficult to read when everything is in all capital letters? 
  • When someone calls me "Honey", "Sweetie" or any sort of endearment words - I just find these weird and it doesn't matter who (elderly, men, etc,) is calling me by these words, I just don't like it!
  • Missing your packages and getting left the notice slip - So annoying to think about going to pick up the package your self ! 
So here are the 6 pet peeves that popped into my head. They are not in any particular order and I am probably sure more and more will pop into my head now. Anyway, what are your pet peeves? Please let me know by commenting ! 

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This challenge was created by Gracie from Girl Meets Life.

Daily Bits: 
  • It's been cold here in NYC. How has the weather been where you live? 
  • My knees been aching these days :( 
  • My phone is having charging problem and it is annoying the heck out of me! 
  • I am looking forward to Columbus day ! Birthday celebration on that day ! 

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