Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Candle Review: Vanilla Snowflake

Hi, Guys !
I feel like NYC is confused on weather to be cold or not.
It feels cold one week and feels warm another.

Also, my semester is almost ending.
I have to write 2 papers and pull off a decent grade on my German final by next Monday. When are you guys off from school (if you are a student)?

Last Friday, Bath & Body Works had a sale on their 3 wicked candles for $8 each. I am not a huge candle person, but I thought 'Why not take a look since they are having a huge sale?' And I am so glad that I decided to take a look because I think I found my perfect winter scent. I usually don't like most of the winter scents, because I feel like they are a bit too cinnamony. They all usually seem to have cinnamon scent or some sort of spice scent to it, and I am not a fan of them.

The scent I found that is perfect for me is...

Vanilla Snowflake !

It smells so warm and lovely!
I am so glad that I found this scent because I am absolutely in love with it!
I didn't know I was going to love this candle as much as I do, so I am regretting that I only bought one of it.

I also bought this very wintery looking candle sleeve. I think this sleeve makes the candle burning more fun !

Which scent from Bath & Body Works is your winter favorite? Did you purchase any candle last Friday?

Daily Bits:

  • I filmed my first giveaway video which will be up sometime today. Make sure to go watch my video for a chance to win! 
  • Does anyone speak German? Maybe someone can help me study? 
  • My Forever21 package arrived today ! I am pretty happy with what I bought. Purchasing clothing online can sometimes be a gamble. 

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