Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: E.L.F. Gotta Glow Lip Tint

Recently, I was browsing E.L.F.'s website when they had one of their free shipping no minimum deal. I actually haven't browsed their website in really long time and noticed lot of changes. Anyway, I saw that they came out with a lip product that will create a personalized shade of pink based on the chemistry of individual's chemistry. Immediately, I thought that the idea reminds me of mood ring. I used to be obessed with those mood ring, necklace, etc in elementary and middle school. I mean, who wasn't? I, of course, had to pick it up! I have been using it for couple days, and decided to share my thoughts on it.

Currently, I think this product is only sold on E.L.F's website ( and perhaps their store in NYC. It retails for $6, which isn't a bad price. However, keep in mind that their moisturizing lipstick retails for $3.

As for packing, it is in a clear tube and I don't like it. I also feel like the cap doesn't close properly, even though, I did encounter problem with it yet. It just doesn't feel like it is secured, you know? I prefer the sleek black packaging they have for their moisturizing lipstick.

The actual product it self looks like a pink lip balm. The area that touched my lip turns a more vibrant and darker shade of pink as show above.

It gives off quite a shine when I swatch it on my wrists. The shade is a gorgeous soft pink. 

However, on my lips the product goes on very sheer. It goes on very sheer soft pink on my lips. It goes on with some shine, but it isn't too much. I read/see other reviews, and for them, they said it left a stain even after the shine wears off. However, for me that did not happen. Basically, the product only lasts about an hour or so on my lips with no staining effect. It almost immediately comes off if I drink or eat anything after the application. Also, I am not really fan of how sheer it goes on my lips.

Final thoughts:
Do I feel like I wasted $6? Not necessarily. I feel like this is something easy for me to quickly swipe on my lips and leave. It will work perfectly for 'no makeup makeup' look, in my opinion. However, I do wish that it gave off a different shade of pink on me, or at least had the staining effect that others experienced. But, maybe there is something about my lips that is making it work differently? I wouldn't discourage others from trying this product because it is inexpensive and is a fun product to try and it may work for you, since I have seen many people loving this product. Also, most of other products that promises to do the same (Dior Lip Glow, It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi, etc) tend to be much more expensive.

What do you think of this product? Would you be trying it out? Did you already try it out? How was your experience. Please Leave me a comment below!



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