Friday, July 31, 2015

No More Youtube?

Today, I have an announcement to make.
Some of you might know that when I started this blog, I really wanted to start a YouTube channel. And a little over a year ago, I did start a YouTube channel. Although, I haven't been very consistent with videos, I did try my hands at it. However, I found that making, editing and uploading videos are just not my thing. I found myself not enjoying the process of editing and uploading videos. I was ok with filming myself, but the time it took trying to set it up, and edit the video didn't appeal to me at all. So, over the couple of weeks, I have thought about it and I decided to STOP my channel. However, I'll be continuing my blog. I have decided that I will focus on this blog ONLY. However, I might occasionally post some videos on my channel. But, they will always be a supplement to a post.

This blog will still be beauty oriented. I'll be talking about makeup and fashion. I'll be reviewing and trying products and sharing my looks. I want to try posting some celebrity inspired makeup and other more extravagant looks. However, they probably won't be a step by step tutorial or anything like that. There probably will just be a few pictures of finished look. I also want to post my outfits of the day post and posts about how I like to style things.

Aside from makeup and fashion, I'll be sharing some of my life on this blog. My adventures with friends, family, food. I'll also be sharing my thoughts on some books, music, movies and etc. Most importantly, I'll be sharing my thoughts on some of the current issues that catches my eye.

Thanks for reading this long post and I hope you will come back for future posts!



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