Monday, May 5, 2014

First Impression: Twilash

                Today, I am wiriting my very first impression post! I tried Twilash today and decided to let you guys know my first thoughts on it. Twilash is "an engineered beauty tool that enhances and maintains your eyelashes"  (check out the Twilash campaign page here). Basically, Twilash is a combination of eyelash curler, mascara, and eye makeup remover. When I first found out about Twilash through Twitter, I was very very interested in trying this out. I mean, who wouldn't want to try  this? 

Here is a picture of: 
I was sent two of the Twilash with the mascara and the two pack of their makeup remover pad. One of the tube is empty because I already took it out of the tube. 

Closer look at the Twilash:

The black part is the enhancer part that curls the eyelashes. It is also a grip when using it for mascara. the silver part is basically the mascara tube. 

Let's take a look at the mascara wand:

The wand has virtually no bristles sticking out of it and it is a rubber wand. 

Here's a tutorial on how to use Twilash:
I had to watch the tutorial couple of times to understand how to use the enhancer part. I found that it was sort of difficult for me to use the enhancer part of it, but it's probably because it was my first time using it. Hopefully, it will be a breeze in couple of days. I really loved the curl that it gave my lashes. I did not get a dramatic curl, but it was better than any other lash curler I used. I really loved the mascara. Maybe it was the formula of the mascara, or just the wand, but I think it had the best effect on my lashes than anything else I tried. 

Picture of me with no mascara and Twilash:

Picture of me with Maybelline Falsies mascara + eyelash curler and Twilash:

Even though, it is difficult to see the difference through these pictures, due to poor camera quality (I am saving up to buy a new camera, so bear with me here !), but when I asked my mom, she was able to immediately tell the difference. She was very surprised because my lashes never stay curled and did say that the Twilash eye was more volumized than the other eye. The only thing was that I found the remover process difficult. Once again, this is probably because it was my first time using it, and I am definitely betting that it will get easier as I use it more. Overall, I am definitely glad to have Twilash as part of my makeup collection now. I will do a updated post on Twilash in the future! 

Twilash isn't sold yet but you can make sure you recieve one by contributing to their project ( Make sure to check out their project if you are interested ! 

Have you heard of Twilash? Did my post interest you? Should I do more #First Impression posts? Make sure to leave a comment! 

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Twilash sent me their products for me to review. However, this is my honest opinion on it. 

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