Monday, February 3, 2014

Review on Julep Body Products

I bought three body products from Julep about two months ago. They were having a sale so I got each item for $5, when it originally is $19.99. 

This is a picture of how the Pink Body Frosting looks like. It is pink grapefruit scented. I personally don't really like the smell of it. However, I love this frosting. It feels very nice and does not feel greasy on the skin. It also moisturizes my body and the it actually keeps my body moisturized.

This is just a Pomegranate Body Creme. I love the smell of this, but I don't think this moisturize my body enough. Plus, it does feel greasy. Overall, this product is something I will not buy again.

This is the Pomegranate Body Scrub. I absolutely love this scrub. It does an amazing job and smells amazing. I would probably buy this again if it's on sale. However, I don't think I would pay around $20.00 for this scrub, because that is a bit pricey.

Overall, I am happy with these purchases. I am glad that I bought them when they were on sale, since Julep products tend to be pricey.

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