Monday, January 27, 2014

Sigma Brushes and Target Haul

I recently bought a brush kit from Sigma and bought bunch of stuff from Target today.
I thought it be fun to share what I bought.

Here is a picture of everything I bought:

I got the Make Me in Cool in Essential Kit in Colored Ferrules. It came with 12 brushes and I am really excited about this purchase. This is my first time getting Sigma or any higher end brush.

I picked up a wet brush. I have been planing on buying one for really long time but I just never found it anywhere. I finally found one at Target.

I finally picked up this Wet N Wild's Walking On Eggshells eyeshadow. I heard so many great things about this eyeshadow and can't wait to use it. 

I also bought E.L.F's Small Stipple Brush. I kinda picked up this brush because of the youtuber that goes with the name emilynoel83 (you guys should check her out on Youtube if you don't already know her!). She has been saying that this brush is best for using cream blush. I always have a little trouble using cream blush, so I thought I give this brush a try.

I also picked up this blush & bronzer duo from E.L.F in St.Lucia. I never tried E.L.F's blush or bronzer so I am hoping they turn out to be amazing.

So that wraps up this post. Please leave a comment on your thoughts on the product or what you bought if you went shopping recently.


  1. I really like ELF's large stippling brush. It makes applying liquid foundations really easy with even coverage.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely try using it with my foundation :)