Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review: Pura D'or Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil

Hi, Guys !
It's been a while since I had written any post here. I have been feeling a bit down and schoolwork has been overwhelming me these days.

Anyway, today I'll be reviewing a shampoo, conditioner and oil from a brand called Pura D'or. I had these products for about a month now, so I feel like I can really share my thoughts on these.

pura d'or Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo 


  • Prevents Hair Loss 
  • Strengths Hair 
  • Add Volume 
  • All Natural and Organic 
  • Vitamins for Hair Growth 
  • Paraben, SLS, and Gluten free 
  • 12 DHT Blockers  
My thoughts:
  • I did not really notice any result from this shampoo. Recently, I have been losing more hair than before, so I was hoping for some result. However, I was left disappointed. 
  • The shampoo doesn't lather up much. I like shampoo that lather up a lot, so I didn't like the fact that it barely later ups. 
  • No strong scent. 
  • Will not purchase 
pura d'or Premium Organic Argan Oil Based Conditioner, Lavender Vanilla 

  • 99% Vegetable based ingredients 
  • Manage Frizz 
  • Enhances Shine 
  • Argan Oil Based 
  • Paraben, Sulfate, Gluten free
My Thoughts: 
  • I did not notice any change in my hair after using this product.
  • The scent of lavender vanilla lasts quite some time. I did not find the scent offensive at all. 
  • I probably will not purchase this either. 
Pure and Organic Argan Oil 

  • Diminishes Wrinkles 
  • Stimulate Skin Cells 
  • Reduces Appearance of Scaring and Stretch Marks
  • Creates Softer Smooth Skin 
  • Reliefs for Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Restores Nutrient Content to Skin Cells
  • Helps Repair Damaged Hair
My Thoughts: 
  • There is no noticeable scent, at least for me. 
  • It makes my face feel super smooth. It has made into my skin care routine. 
  • However, it doesn't do much for my hair. I have really damaged hair due to frequent coloring. My hair texture is very rough and tons and tons of split ends. 
I think this will be a brand and products for you if you are looking for cruelty free, all natural hair stuff. The products rage around $25-$35. They are not a horrible products. Even though, I didn't see much result with the shampoo or the conditioner, that is usually the case with any shampoo and conditioner I use. I usually just choose them based on the scent, since I usually don't see any result from any of them anyway. (Wow I feel like that sentence have way to many 'any' in it!). However, I do really like the argan oil from this brand. 

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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me through BrandBacker. All opinions are my own.

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