Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Garnier Clean Plus Sensitive Skin Makeup Removing Cleanser Lotion

Hi, Guys!
Today, I have a review on the new makeup removing product from Garnier.
I have been using Garnier Clean Plus Sensitive Skin Makeup Removing Cleanser for almost a month now. I have a pretty solid thoughts on it and I thought I'll share my view with you guys.


  • It really is gentle as it claims. Would recommend for people with sensitive skin. 
  • It is cheap. It retails for about $6 at
  • It doesn't remove eye makeup as it claims. 
  • Double cleansing necessary. It leaves the skin feeling slippery otherwise. 
Final thought: 
It's definitely a product that won't hurt your wallet to give it a try. I would definitely recommend this product to someone with a sensitive skin. I would probably repurchase this product sometime in the future. 

Find the product here:

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I was actually sent this product from Cosmopolitan Latina Magazine. I am not Latina (I am Korean), but I am subscribed to Cosmopolitan and they sometimes send an issue of the Cosmopolitan Latina along with the regular Cosmopolitan. I think they were collecting thoughts on the product.

Daily Bits:

  • Omg I went to Ssinnim's (씬님) meet and greet today at YouTube Space in NY. She is a Korean beauty youtuber (for those of you who are not familiar with her). She was amazing! Her channel:
  • I also met another Korean beauty youtuber there. Her name is Sunny and she looks like a doll! Her channel:
  • I also filmed a video getting ready for the meet and greet, so hopefully that will go up sometime next week. Though, I wasn't super happy with the makeup. 
  • While I was waiting for a train after the meet up, I encounter a most annoying group of tourist ever! They were talking very loudly, singing something, and making baby noises. Also, two people from the group were playing with my hair. I mean, who plays with stranger's hair? 

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