Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience Day 1 & 2

Hi, Guys !
Yesterday, I had three of my wisdom teeth removed. I thought it would be nice to share my experience.

My appointment was at 2 pm yesterday, and was told to not drink or eat anything before the surgery. I wasn't as starving or thirsty as I expected before the surgery. They also made me take pregnancy test, even though I was sure I wasn't pregenat. However, they said it was a standard procedure for females, especially when it's been over 28 days since their last period.

Since, I had to get three of my wisdom teeth removed, I was sedated, as well as given local anesthesia in my mouth. I fell asleep very very fast, and by the time I was gaining some senses again, the whole procedure was done. Once I was up, they moved me to the resting area, from the surgery room, until the IV was complete. I was still very foggy from the anesthesia, so I was glad to be able to rest for a while. They discharged me when I woke up, and explained all the things I should avoid and do. I was also told that I wasn't bleeding much, which is good.

They prescribed me two different pain killers. One being Motrin, and the other being something stronger. I was also given some penicillin and some antibacterial mouthwash. I was also given irrigating syringe with an instruction to use it starting from Sunday. I was also given instructions on what type of food I should eat and a pamphlet with all the information.

After getting home, I drank lot of cold water, because I was so thirsty! I was getting hungry as well, but didn't feel like I could eat much. I basically just ate some vanilla favored ice cream and took some pain killers and fell asleep.

Today, when I woke up, I was really hungry. Also, my jaw was a little difficult to move. Though, my cheek wasn't swollen much. Basically, all I did today was eat some, sleep some, watch some YouTube, and repeat. I didn't do anything useful or anything. As for the food, I ate some hard boiled egg, porridge, yogurt, ice cream, and some ice coffee. I basically ate food that doesn't really require me to chew.

For me, the pain killers are really doing their job. I am not feeling much pain, but I do feel discomfort in my mouth. I especially feel discomfort in my throat, and it is a bit uncomfortable to swallow, even my spit. I brushed my teeth today and also used the mouthwash. I kinda feel like I am going to get bruises on my cheek, but since it's not even swollen much I am not sure.

So far, I am glad that the pain isn't too bad or anything. While I do feel some discomfort, it isn't unbearable. I am also glad that I was able to have the procedure while I am still on break from school. I have to go back for post operation check up on next Tuesday, but I think everything will be fine.

Did you have your wisdom teeth removed? If so, how was your experience? If not, will you be getting your wisdom teeth removed sometime in the future? Leave me a comment!

Daily Bits: 

  • I am uploading a video on my Youtube channel right now! It's a What's In My Bag? video! I have been loving those videos recently, and I thought I would give that a try! 
  • I am now part of a collab channel called Ourbeautyside! My first video there also went live today! 
  • I am sooo hungry right now. I feel like I have been getting full quickly, but also have been getting hungry really quickly as well.
  • Does anyone feel like your spirit is going away from your body, whenever you eat a medication that makes you drowsy? I always felt like my soul is leaving me when I eat those pills. 

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