Friday, January 9, 2015

Movie Review: Ode To My Father (국제시장)

Hi, Guys !
I feel like I have been spending most of my winter break going to the dentist :(
This definitely makes me realize that I should take care of my teeth more!

Anyway, I had a movie date with my dad today.
We went to see a movie called Ode To My Father (국제시장).
It is a Korean movie and was released in Korea around middle of December.
However, it just released today here in United States.

Going into the movie, I did not really know about what the movie was about. I just knew that the movie was about fatherly love and how it talks about the life of a man who lived through Korean War, Vietnam War, etc. While this movie wasn't suspenseful or anything, it didn't feel like it was boring me throughout the two hours. The movie had many sad moments. I actually couldn't get through the movie without crying. When you think your tears stop coming, there are other scenes to get your eyes start flowing again.

The part that was most touching to me when the main character was writing to his wife and he said something along the lines of "I am glad that I went through the horrible Korean War, and that I experienced the terrible times at the German Mines, and that now I am living through the Vietnam War. I am glad to think I lived through it, and that my children won't have to". This was very touching and did made me think of what being a parent means. It is evident that to the main character, being the father, husband, and the leader of the family, means to giving up his dream, sacrificing himself for the sake of others.

Overall, I think this is a must see movie for a Korean. I am not saying that the whole world should watch it or anything, but if you have a Korean background you should watch it. I don't think people from other nationalities can quite relate to it, especially because the Korean War and the separation of families during that War plays a huge  role throughout the movie. Also, if you are around my age, then this movie is something that will make you appreciate or think about your grandparents generation.

Are you guys planning to watch this movie? Will you be interested in watching it? What other movies are you planning to watch? Please leave me a comment !

Daily Bits:

  • I went to karaoke with my friends yesterday, and I didn't know that one of my friend can sing in Spanish! I couldn't even follow it cause it was so fast! 
  • I am seriously loving Burger King's onion ring these days. Can't be healthy but I can't help it! What have you guys been craving? 
  • I found out why my phone has been spazzing on me. Apparently one of the app has been causing some problem. 

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