Tuesday, March 18, 2014


       Today I'll be talking about a launch of an exciting new site called GlamST. It is basically a virtual makeover website. You can upload your picture and then try the different makeup products that they have and see how it will look on you. I was very intrigued by the idea because it is a cool way to try things before buying online. 

You can access the site here:
Check out the GlamST's Facebook Page:
I  explored the site today and I have a very mixed feelings about the site. I still think that this is a very cool idea and believe it would make the online shipping a little easier. However, I found the process of uploading the picture and calibrating the picture very tedious. I guess this is something that can't be avoided. Also, there is a very little selection of make up products to try. I hope they will get more selections of makeup soon. 

This was the look I tried using the site. I think this site is a wonderful site to try on the foundation, but not a good place to try concealers. I tried the concealers but the result is literally putting on the concealer under your eyes , without blending it out. I feel like trying the eye shadows and the liner is pretty much useless, because it makes so much difference based on your applications. Also, I think the site does exaggerate the make up a little bit to make sure it shows. I am not completely happy with how I did this makeup, but I still wanted to include a picture to show. 
Here is the list of products that I used: 
  • Marc Jacob Genius Gel Foundation in Golden Light 
  • Naked Flushed 
  • Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara in Black Velvet 
Please check out the site and leave a comment with your thoughts on it! 

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