Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Soxxy Air

             "Support a cause, Support your legs!" This is the slogan for SoxxyAir. SoxxyAir was founded by Sarah Stabile, who worked traveling in airplane. She stated that she wanted to create a stylish compression socks because she felt many people were not using them due to the lack of design in the existing ones. The benefits of compression socks are increase in circulation, decrease in swelling, fatigue and jet leg. Another benefit of SoxxyAir is that they teamed up with five different charities and came up with each of the charity.     

Here is a picture of all the available SoxxyAir design:
Left to Right: Bob Woodruff Foundation sox, Jesse Lewis Love Foundation sox, Kristen Ann Karr Fund sox, Orion sox, and WhyHunger sox

Here is a brief description of each of the charity: 
  • Bob Woodruff Foudation Sox: Bob Woodruff Foundation (BWF)'s goal is to help the injured veterans and their families after the return of the veterans.
  • Jesse Lewis Love Foudation Sox: This foundation was created by the mother of the first victim in the Sandy Hooks elementary school to spread the message of her son, "nurturing, healing and loving."
  • Kristen Ann Karr Fund Sox: Kristen Ann Karr Fund focuses on providing money for cancer research and improving life of cancer patient's lives, especially those of adolescents and young adults.
  • Orion Sox: The fund from the Orion Sox goes to Michael Stabile Memorial Scholarship Fund at Trinity Pawling School, which provides finanical assistance to students in School's Language Program. 
WhyHunger Sox: WhyHunger is an organization that aims to make affordable and nutritious food available worldwide.

Check out this video by SoxxyAir to learn more about their products:

Learn more about SoxxyAir:

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Please note that SoxxyAir Charity Socks are not available until end of April. 

Here are other ways to stay connected with SoxxyAir if you are interested: 

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