Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Look At One Direction Makeup!

Hi, Guys !
So I posted about the launch of One Direction Makeup about a week or two ago (check it out here for more info).
And I received the makeup kit in "Up All Night" last Thursday.

So my final thoughts on the One Direction Makeup kit is that overall I don't like it.
The only thing I actually liked from the kit was the nail polish.
All the other products in the kit seem pretty useless to me.
And I felt like the kit itself felt very cheap to me.

I felt like this make up kit would only work for like tweens or young teenagers, just so they can play around with some make up.

Check out my video for swatches and more info:

You can also find more information at the Markwins Facebook:

What did you think of the One Direction Makeup? Will you be checking out the One Direction Makeup? Please leave ma comment on your thoughts !

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